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Lares Hot Springs | Qinsacocha lakes | Intihuatana (Pisac Ruins) | Machu Picchu | Rainbow Mountain

House Day Trips

∼ Lares Hot Springs ∼

Soak with locals & other guests from the house & enjoy the beautiful scenic ride


Trips are made every couple of weeks upon request

We shoot for 10 travelers to bring costs down

2.5/3 hour beautiful drive from the house (curvy roads, better on an empty stomach)

S/. 30-50 depending on number of travelers for transport *

Entrance ticket to the hot springs  S/. 4 for Peruvians; S/. 10 for all other nationalities (bring ID)

Bring swim suit, towel, sunscreen, snacks & lunch

Optional things to bring: coca leaves, hat, sunglasses, flip flops

Weather varies from hot to freezing and raining. It’s a surprise every time!

* Also possible to stay overnight and get there by “colectivo” (minivan public transportation)  for S/. 10 each way. (Pisaq to Calca around S/. 2 and Calca to Lares S/. 7/8)

Rooms on the hot springs site are S/.50; double, en suite. There is also a small camping area. Otherwise there are several basic hospedajes (accommodation) options (S/. 10-15 per person) in town.

For more info: Lares municipality website

∼ Qinsacocha lakes ∼

Hike to three remote lakes. The most peaceful, silent retreat you’d find

A taxi is needed to trail head, arrange for pick up as well ahead of time

Best to go with someone who knows this area as trail is not clearly marked in all areas

Taxi price starts at 70 s/ (depending on number of people)

Wear layers for heat and hail just in case as weather can change on a dime here!

Bring snacks and fruit if you like. It is also possible to arrange a typical meal after the hike. As soon as you get there, there is a glass house where you are dropped off. Here you can ask the people to have a meal ready when you get back from the hike. The trout there – in case they have it – is freshly fished from the lakes!

∼ Intihuatana (Pisac Ruins) ∼

Come explore the “Sun’s gateway” in Pisac

FullSizeRender (4)

Ruins entrance ticket – S/. 70 *

A multiple sights pass is available if planning on visiting other ruins as well. For more info: COSITUC

Taxi to ruins entrance runs S/. 25-25

Alternative option – hike from house along river to terraces and up to ruins, about 1.5 hours up.

Free option – hike up at 4am and get there before the cashier.

Independent Trips

∼ Machu Picchu ∼ *

An unforgettable journey


Where to buy the tickets 

You can buy the tickets in Cusco at any travel agency. Various sites also offer online purchase. The cheapest way to buy online is on the government’s official site, the process however is a bit compliacted.

*There is a special ticket for Huayna Picchu Mountain (a mountain inside Machu Picchu) that requires booking a long time in advance.

Where to buy the train tickets

The train tickets from Ollantayatambo to Machu Picchu village can be purchased online on the PeruRail website.

If considering the train option: leave Pisaq heading towards Ollantaytambo (where the train station is) in a “colectivo” (minivan public transportation) from the bus stop next to the “Centro de Salud” in Pisaq. You either find a direct one to Ollantaytambo, or if not one to Calca or Urubamba and from there to Ollantaytambo. It takes about 2 hours to get from Pisaq to Ollantayatambo by public transport. We can also organise a taxi for you if you prefer!

If you choose to take the Inca Trail or the Train the last stop is at Aguas Calientes, where it is suggested you book a room to stay the night and head to Machu Picchu the morning after. If you are walking up it is suggested you start early at dawn (some people even start around 4/5 am). If taking the bus you can find the bus stop and tickets close to the bridge in Aguas Calientes an go from there. The round trip tickets (up and down) are around S/. 70/80.

There is also a nice Hot Springs place at Aguas Calientes, soaking in warm waters and either get ready for the “ride” or relax once you’ve done it. The entrance tickets are S/. 20. You will find places along the way there where you can rent towels and swimming suits.

Make sure you have your ID with you along with the credit card you used to buy the tickets (for the monument as well as the train). If not, there’s a risk of not allowing you in.

∼ Rainbow Mountain 

Enjoy nature in its purest expression


* For guided trips: Parwa Adventures ‘Treks and Unforgettable Journeys’


t r e a t  y o u r s e l f

Massage, Energy Healing & Spiritual Counseling | Sarah Martin | Whatsapp 1-805-300-8293

Esalen Massage | Mathieu Robards

Ancient Thai Massage | Sanne Burger

Transformative Life Coach | Xander Kahle | Whatsapp +57 319 330 5992

Nidra Wasi Yoga Studio | Daily Yoga classes with Daya (Vinyasa Flow?) | Rinconada | 4pm | S./ 20

Unucha Spa | Dry sauna, flower bath, jacuzzi, exfoliation & firm massage | +51 084 203 062 ( Book and pay deposit at Pisac Inn at the corner of the main square in town )

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 17.42.49

Hampi Wasi |Natural Sauna, bonfire & tea| Melissa Wasi, Rinconada |Wednesdays & Saturdays | 4-6pm | S./ 20 (bring towel & bathing suit)

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 17.50.16

Paz y Luz Spa & Healing Center | Rinconada, Pisac

Information about plant medicine healing in Pisaq on our ceremonies page.


w e e k l y  e v e n t s

Kirtan & Cacao Thursdays| Nidra Wasi, Rinconada | 3pm | donation

Community Day | Thursdays | Nidra Wasi Holistic Retreat Center| 11am-3pm

Music & Dancing Saturday Nights | Sappo’s (best Pizza Restaurant in town)

Sacred Cacao Journey and Energy Sound Bath |Sundays| 2nd floor Sapos Restaurant | 4pm

Cacao Ceremony, Live music and Ritual Dance | Mondays | Nidra Wasi, Rinconada | 5pm-8pm

Qui Gong | Tantraya Center Rinconada | Tuesdays and Thursdays | 9am

Yoga and Sound Healing | Saturdays | Sacred Sushi venue in town | 10am

Meditation | Trattoria Escondida Restaurant (across from Melissa Wasi, takes place in the upper room) | Tuesdays & Thursdays | 7-8 am 1 hr silent meditation|10-10:45am 1/2 hr guided meditation | no charge


r e s t a u r a n t s  &  s h o p s

Nidra Wasi | best vegan food in town | open weekdays 12-5pm

Vegan Sushi Sunday | curries, wraps, chocolates, tonics | in town, Callao Street | 12-6pm

Paco’s Breadshop | must go | Main Street Pisac

Apu Kuntur Herb Medicine Shop | herbal tonics and all thealthy things| Main Street Pisaq


g e n e r a l  i n f o

Taxi’s to airport | leave 3 hours prior to flight, drivers are always a few minutes early | Rate between 60-70s

  • Beltran +51 984 970 556
  • Edgar +51 984 884 296
  • Markario +51 984 827 188
  • Saturnino  +51 957 034 303
  • Dino +51 974 931 216
  • Freddie – +51 999 900 951

Moto Taxi’s | S./ 1 catch moto to town (more if calling for pick up), S./ 2 from town back to ‘La Chakana Rinconada’

  • Cesar +51 921 200 291
  • Toribio +51 959 659 836
  • Santos +51 971 090 487
  • Epifonia +51 983 190 667
  • Hermanito +51 930 926 009
  • Juan +51 999 429 353