We are offering a place for you to come and feel at home while you are traveling South America. There’s a real sense of community and nearly every guest mentions how this has been their most comfortable place for sleep. It’s a quiet place for you to go within and be replenished.

La Chakana was set up by Dennis Couwenberg, a scientist who began to ask himself the big life questions after studying, educating himself for years, and working as a chemist. He began asking himself ‘is this it?’, ‘is this style of life working?’, ‘am I doing what I really want to be doing in life right now?’, ‘what is the life I really want to create?’, ‘does this life I’ve created give me the energy it used to?’

So many people are finding themselves living out unconscious patterns that may be causing them to feel complacent, drained, stuck, dissatisfied with the rat race, too busy making enough money to support a lifestyle that they think they need or living out what others expect from them, and deep down they want more. Dennis would have appreciated a place with resources and likeminded people asking similar questions to connect with during this time of inquiry, so he created this guest house with the intention to provide a space for people who want to take a deep look at themselves for transformation.

La Chakana is a place to unwind and truly align in life. It’s designed to help people embracing their self, their essence, their truth, their inner wisdom & spirituality (if that’s their thing). It’s a place to connect with likeminded people and opening up to new possibilities.

You will have plenty of connections with down-to-earth coaches, wellness professionals, & spiritual facilitators while staying in the guest house. You also get free access to hours and hours of media libraries to facilitate your personal growth.

Many people here use plant medicines to explore the limits of the mind, purpose in this life and subconscious matters. Guests use the time at the house for integrating the lessons learned and profound life shifts to take new perspectives and purpose back to life as professionals.

Come join us, we’d love to support, connect, & facilitate your transformation!