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What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Diego Palma at Maha Temple (located in La Pacha, 10/15 min moto taxi ride from Pisaq) | Mondays & Fridays | S/. 200 (in oder to join use either the sign-in form on the website or write to the e-mail provided there)

Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Alonso del Rio at Ayahuasca Ayllu (located in Taray, 5/10 min moto taxi ride from Pisaq) |Tuesdays & Fridays

Huachuma Ceremonies with Paul & Sue in their garden at Hummingbird Retreat Peru (located in Chihuanco, a little “pueblo” on the other side of Pisaq) | weekly  ceremony Wednesday (or upon request) | S/. 300

Despacho* Ceremony with local Q’eros (inquire for more information)

*Offering to Pachamama – traditional ceremony carried on by the Q’eros, who are said to have descended from the Incas